Scaffolding can also be called staging, scaffolding is a provisional building like structure which is used to provide industry support to both construction manual workers of all ranges, as well as facilitating with the transport of many forms of materials.

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Here at Scaffolding Inc Ltd, we provide industrial scaffolding, a service adapted to the requirements of each individual site, property or business where many industrial access methods could possibly create challenges along with habitual situations.

  • Capital projects
  • Industrial insulations
  • Outages, turnarounds and shutdowns
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Renovations and alterations
  • Removals and structural changes
  • Plant maintenance, modifications and upgrades
  • Protective coatings
  • And so forth
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A list of some of the types of scaffolding forms:

Cantilever scaffolding
  • Single frame scaffolding consists of a sequence of needles that are used via holes in the walls.
  • Double frame type scaffolding or independent frame scaffolding consists of needles strutted within the floor surfaces via the openings.
  • Applied if the base ground surface does not have the scope to sustain the requirements needed
  • Utilised If the base ground surface nearby the walls, are to be exempt from traffic flow.
  • Generally used If the upper sections of the walls are under construction.
Double scaffolding
  • Also known as mason’s scaffolding or independent scaffolding is installed via supported frames, cross braces, and rakers.
  • Generally used for stone masonry.
Patented scaffolding
  • Is made of steel merged with frames and couplings.
  • A market readymade scaffolding.
  • A platform that is assembled on adjustable brackets that can be leveled to a preference.
Single scaffolding
  • Also, known as bricklayers scaffolding.
  • Commonly used for brick masonry.
Steel scaffolding
  • Consists of steel tubes fixed together by steel fittings and/or couplers.
  • These forms are very straightforward to construct and dismantle.
  • A scaffolding type with considerable amounts of durability and strength.
  • Establishes greater fire resistance.
  • Economically priced.
Suspended scaffolding
  • A platform that can be raised or lowered suited to preference as this type of scaffolding is suspended from the roof via wire ropes and chains.
  • Commonly used for painting, restorations, repair works and pointing, etc
Trestle scaffolding
  • Frequently used within interior works.
  • A supported platform on movable ladders or tripods.
  • Generally used for painting and repairs etc

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Here at Scaffolding Inc. Ltd, much of our regular work consists of providing scaffold hire packages for our customers across the South East region.
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Scaffold towers are a useful a versatile scaffolding solution that has proven extremely popular with our customers here at Scaffolding Inc. Ltd.
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Temporary Roofing
Temporary roofing is the perfect way to protect your construction site from the weather until you’ve got the building’s real roof constructed and in place.

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