Activities That Require Scaffolding

Jan 24, 2023

Any form of construction work demands the right levels of support to ensure the work is being carried out effectively. In the world of commercial scaffolding or industrial scaffolding, it is essential for scaffolds to be erected by competent people and the work be carried out under competent supervision. As there are a number of activities and situations where scaffolding is essential, here are some of the most essential commercial scaffolding activities.

Home Construction and Improvement

There are two different areas where scaffolding is essential in relation to upgrading a property. For example, if structural work is essential to maintain the safety of the property, scaffolding will minimise injury if the fault that needs repairing poses a major risk, such as fixing a chimney, and chimney scaffolds can help in these situations. 

Scaffolding for roofs also provides an extra layer of security against falling debris, and is a flexible solution in comparison to less stable resources, for example, a ladder, and can help in residential properties to provide extra peace of mind. 

Scaffolding for loft conversions and other home renovations is commonplace, and you will see commercial scaffolding used in a number of commercial housing projects. In the world of commercial scaffolding, new builds need extra protection to maintain the safety of their workers by reducing risks and providing a safe working area.

When Workers Are Working at Height or in Numbers

As obvious as it sounds, working at height will increase the elements of danger. As a general rule of thumb, scaffolding should be no more than four times the height of the shortest side of the base. When people are working at height, scaffolding increases the safety of your workers, while also reducing any risk of injury, for example, falling. 

If workers are operating at height, this will help them feel more secure in the job so they can complete the project as safely and confidently as possible. Additionally, if there are more people working on a building project, it is essential to provide a safe surface to improve the environment for them, which can speed up the project.

Building Inspections

A building inspector needs to determine the overall safety of infrastructure, and as such, this demands a greater level of focus and a sturdy surface. Industrial scaffolding is used in a number of essential maintenance practices, and companies that need to upgrade their premises in some way will benefit from a more detailed building inspection first. 

Building inspectors need as much support as necessary in commercial and domestic settings and ensure any commercial organisation provides a safe building infrastructure, which is why a building inspector may need industrial scaffolding for extra support.

Challenging Weather Conditions

Ensuring commercial contractors conduct their work safely is even more critical in adverse weather conditions. The nature of roof repairs demands builders to go out onto the roof, so it is important to not compromise their safety in any way. 

Building in challenging weather conditions demands extra safety precautions and the builders will need the appropriate materials to do their work, so when adverse weather conditions have an impact on their safety, commercial scaffolding becomes a necessity to provide peace of mind.

Any Activity That May Compromise Safety

Commercial scaffolding may be the key to preventing workplace injuries. As the most common cause of injury in the construction industry is falling from a great height, this highlights the fact that organisations need to protect their workers from falling injuries. 

Many contractors work at great heights, using a variety of equipment and materials, and overlooking safety will be detrimental in the long run. Organisations that avoid using scaffolding to cut back on cost would benefit from easy-to-assemble commercial scaffolding that allows them to get on with the project quickly and effectively.

When There is Limited Access

If a construction worker needs to access a difficult-to-reach area, scaffolding is necessary to complete the work. This could be an outside wall a number of storeys high, or a hard-to-reach part of a roof. Scaffolding is a very versatile tool, with many free-standing scaffolds, scaffolding erectors, and scaffold tower hire services available.

If you are on the fence as to whether scaffolding is an essential tool, the fact is that going without scaffolding won’t just impact the efficiency of your project, but compromise its safety too. All scaffolding services we offer are always catered to your needs. At Scaffolding Inc. Ltd, we provide a variety of scaffolding hire services to ensure that, whether you are making upgrades to your property, doing contract work, or working in an industry where you could do with extra help, the right support is here for you. Get in contact with us today at 020 3715 0840 or fill out our online form and let’s help you out.

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